Why Learn Coding ?


One benefit of learning how to code at a young age is enhanced academic performance. Even elementary schools use technology in the classroom for testing and other activities. Learning how this technology works will prepare children for a quickly advancing world in which computers and smartphones are utilized for almost every function of our daily lives.

Computational thinking is the ability to logically communicate your thoughts in a structured manner. This type of thought process trains problem solving skills that are replicated later in life, much like the memory of a computer. Software engineers, computer programmers, and logistics specialists all use this method, combining advanced mathematics, algorithm development and logic.

Like any language (spoken or written), it is easier to learn earlier in life. Computer languages teach us logical skills in thinking, processing, and communicating. Combined with creative visions, some of the most influential products were designed around a programming language. And, the best inventions are born where skill and creativity meet. After all, who is better than the young generations of the world to imagine the future of our technology?

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